Executive Board 2014

Waynesburg University’s PRSSA chapter elected new members to their Executive Board in May 2014. The nine position holders are already working hard to find new and exciting ways for our members to become more equipped public relations professionals upon graduation.

The Executive Board for 2014 staffed with 5 seniors, 2 juniors, and 2 sophomores, all elected by the general body, and each hold an important title that helps our organization run. This eclectic range of grade levels provides the chapter with different views on what each level is learning, and also helps create a bonding experience for upper and lower classmen.

The 2014 board members include: Megan Bayles, Jordan Mitrik, Brittany Semco, Michelle Dunseath, Abby Wernert, Chelsey Withers, Kara Bemer, Taylor Bombalski, and Cassidy Graham.

  • President: Megan Bayles
  • Vice President/Firm Director of Red Brick Communications: Jordan Mitrik
  • Public Relations Director: Brittany Semco
  • Secretary: Michelle Dunseath
  • Historian: Abby Wernert
  • Treasurer: Chelsey Withers
  • Special Events Coordinator: Kara Bemer
  • Professional Development Coordinator: Taylor Bombalski
  • Fundraising Coordinator: Cassidy Graham
  • Faculty Advisor: Richard Krause

Check out the new page linked to our profile called “Meet Our Executive Board, 2014” for more information about the Executive Board, and to see their head shots.


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