Red Brick Communications Produce to People campaign

On March 26, 2015 Red Brick Communications, the Waynesburg University PRSSA’s student-run firm, completed their Produce to People campaign through the Salvation Army. This campaign was designed to unite the campus of Waynesburg University for a common good, but also provide extra volunteers for the Salvation Army for their monthly food distribution event to the residents of Greene County.

The Salvation Army’s Greene County branch is a current pro-bono client of Red Brick Communications. The team client team, with Cassidy Graham as Account Executive and Firm Director, Jordan Mitrik coordinating the event, put in countless hours to successfully complete the campaign.

The Salvation Army team was able to reach out to our Chapter, but also other students in the Department of Communications, the Department of Business Administration and the Department of Criminal Justice and Social Services. This was completed by the use of social media, fliers, infographics, planning and a lot of dedication and research.

The day’s effort, with the help of 21 Waynesburg students, the Salvation Army was able to serve 532 households and 1,173 individuals with fresh produce for their families. The volunteer level from the University was significantly increased from the previous month, where only two WU students were in attendance.

Waynesburg students loved the event, and they are really enthusiastic about helping again in months to come. Below are some of our classmate’s feelings toward the event:

“It showed me how much of a community Greene County really is. Just seeing all the people coming out to help this effort makes me proud to call myself a resident of Greene County,” said Megan Bayles, junior, Public Relations major and Marketing minor.

“You don’t realize how much the community you live in really needs help,” said Rachael Lang, sophomore, Forensic Accounting major and Management minor.

“It’s really heartwarming to see how many people come, no matter age, to help. It really opens your eyes,” said Taylor Pieper, sophomore, Public Relations and Digital Design major.

“Produce to People has really shown me the generosity of Greene County through the volunteers, and the need that our community has,” said Kara Bemer, senior, Public Relations major and Marketing minor.

“It just makes you really grateful for what you have. People stand and wait in line in 20 degree weather just to feed their family,” said Theresa Butler, senior, Accounting major.

“Working this event for the past two months has taught me to be grateful for what I have. It is truly a humbling experience working with Produce to People,” said Cassidy Graham, sophomore, Public Relations major.

“The need for volunteers at Produce to People is ongoing. My goal for the campaign was not only to get people to volunteer one time, but for it to be a continuous process each time the event occurs. I firmly believe all of the volunteers truly had an eye opening experience, and from the response we received, they will be back to volunteer again,” said Jordan Mitrik, junior, Public Relations major and Marketing minor.

“It was great to see not just the PRSSA people volunteering, but all different majors come out and devote their time to such a great cause,” said Zachary Snidach, sophomore, Public Relations major.

“It was a wonderful way to give back to the community that we live in nine months out of the year. Seeing how everyone volunteering and working together was incredible. They seemed to have fun talking with each other and interacting while putting in the work. Just listening in to the people’s conversation shows how much helping others means to them,” said Shon Meade, freshman, Sports Broadcasting/ Sports Information major.

“It was a great experience!” said Matt Bensinger, junior, Criminal Justice major.

“This event means a lot because this is my hometown. I feel blessed to be able to serve these people, especially with such a great group of friends,” said Heidi Dains, junior, Business Management major.

“Volunteering for Produce to People really opened my eyes to the poverty in Greene County. Along with my fellow classmates, Chris Caldwell and Josh Tustin, we believe that more efforts need to be put into this societal problem so that a true change can happen,” said Brent Williams, junior, Criminal Justice major.

“I would love to work this event again! Helping other people in the community and seeing the smiles on their faces made my day!” said Anna Artkowsky, sophomore, Sports Broadcasting/ Sports Information major.


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