Building a PR Firm: Brick by Brick

Apply for firm director, they said. It would be fun, they said.

Although this meme-inspired expression may sound sarcastic to most, I truly believe it is such a rewarding position to hold. Here is why:

As a dedicated member of Red Brick Communications during my first two years of college, I felt I was at a point in my pre-professional career to take on the leadership position of firm director. Once elected, I spent the majority of my junior year restructuring and rebranding the firm, as well as improving on our client and membership recruitment efforts. It took a lot of patience, time, energy and coffee, but I ended the year confident in what lay ahead.

After being re-elected for a second term, I knew how much potential the firm had and the endless opportunities awaiting the members. In a way, I was really excited to get back to school for my senior year – not because it was my last year of college, but because I wanted to get back to the firm and pick up where I left off.

Now that the firm is well under way this semester, many exciting things are occurring. We have added new clients, are implementing an all-firm member campaign project as well as increased membership by 47 percent! As the “patriarch” of the firm, I am one proud father.

However, with great power, comes great responsibility. There are indeed some pretty awesome things happening within the firm, but as the leader, I must be on top of my game at all times. With new members and new organizations to oversee, I have to make sure we are still abiding by our policies, procedures and foundations I set in place the previous year. I have to ensure that the new members and clients understand what services we offer and that all questions can be answered.

The responsibility aspect of my position may not always be the most thrilling, but it is the most rewarding. Seeing the clients we are affiliated with feel appreciative of the work we do for them is extremely gratifying. But more importantly, seeing the firm members get excited about public relations and to witness them use their talents to better a real-world organization really takes the cake.

Oddly enough, there are benefits for me, too. Overseeing the firm at Waynesburg University has truly made me grow as an individual. I have learned how to manage multiple accounts and tasks, work as a team and improve my leadership skills. Some of these could not have been accomplished in other positions or roles within the firm. Therefore, if I would not have been a courageous sophomore and apply for the position of firm director a year and a half ago, I would not be the public relations student and professional I am today.

There are always tasks that need done within the firm and areas that need improvement, which can be deemed challenging at times. However, because of the experience I have gained and the connections I have made, I will forever be grateful to hold this position.

Apply for firm director, they said. It would be fun, they said.

Whoever “they” is, I could not agree with them more.

Jordan Mitrik is a senior public relations major with a marketing minor. He serves as the firm director of Red Brick Communications as well as the vice president of Waynesburg University PRSSA. Interested in various areas of public relations, he plans to become an established PR professional in the Pittsburgh market upon graduation.


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