Social Media and Public Relations

Social media affects Public Relations in many ways; social media is constantly developing. It is a good way to put your organizations name out there, however, you do not want to forget about traditional media because when paired together it is can be powerful.

“How can I leverage this best to control my PR message?” this is the question that every public relations professional asks before they post on social media. Also, keeping up to date on the different social media technologies and noticing the effectiveness of the new and traditional tactics to communicate your message and how it affects the public will help you greatly. You want to monitor and respond to social complaints and questions in a reasonably fast amount of time, and always be consistent when posting or updating social media.

Public Relation practitioners can use social media to build and maintain relationships with journalists, bloggers and other competitors/companies. You do this to help yourself and your organization understand what they write about, when they write, what resources/outlets they use and what best works for them and for your organization/ company. Social media is a fast and easy way to connect with your various publics, and it is sent out to the public, so as soon as you push send, the spotlight is always on.

Remember to always keep in mind the new and traditional strtagies you can use to help put your organization out there, to think before you post, and to be open minded to whom you follow on social media; always be ready for whatever happens.

Taylor Pieper is current junior pursing degrees in Public Relations and Digital Design. She is a member of PRSSA and AIGA; and serves as the Public Relations Director for the student-run firm, Red Brick Communications and the campus events chair for the Chapter. Taylor is on the university’s softball team, and would like work as a special events planner post graduation. 


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