Why you should have an online portfolio

Online portfolios are a quick and easy way to store your work and let employers know you are more than just your résumé. Portfolios reflect your personality, dedication and willingness to make an online presence. It is stressed in public relations to have your work at the employer’s fingertips and shared with the world. In today’s world, the online presence is just as important as the résumé itself. Websites such as Weebly, Wix and WordPress are great for beginners wanting to get their work out there. Here are my 5 reasons why an online portfolio is imperative to have:

  1. Includes work that YOU want to highlight

Résumé are great for showcasing a glance of what you’ve done. However there is more flexibility in an online portfolio. You put the work that you want showcased and highlight the best pieces. Online portfolios are a way to elaborate on years of work pieces in one place. These pieces can include design, blog writing, news releases, past presentations, etc.

  1. Showcases your personality

There are many different templates and ways to format your résumé. It is nearly impossible for an employer to see your personality through one piece of paper. They are only a tiny screenshot of who you are as a person. Websites such as Weebly give you the opportunity to let employers and viewers know your interests, past experiences and work related achievements.

  1. Makes a great first impression on employers

Putting a link to your portfolio and website on business cards, résumés or even an email signature, gives people the chance to click and see what you have done. Showing that you have taken the time to build an online persona leaves a mark on future employers and others interested in your work. When people search your name on a search engine such as Google, the portfolio will be one of the first results, which brings more visibility.

  1. Shows design and technical skills

Creating an online presence shows you know how to maneuver yourself in the world of technology and design: both skills that are important in any field of work.

  1. Includes reflection on current events in your field

The portfolio is about you, so feel free include videos, posts or opinions about current events in your field of work. A short video explaining your point of view on an important topic can show employers you are well read and informed in the news.

Annie McGlaughlin is a junior public relations student at Waynesburg. She is in her first year as fundraising coordinator for our Chapter. She hopes to work in the non-profit sector after graduation. She also writes for the award winning Yellow Jacket newspaper and holds the title of multimedia manager. 


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