Alumni Spotlight: Jamie Rempel

Rempel Headshot

Jamie Rempel graduated from Waynesburg University in May of 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in public relations. A few miles from her childhood home, Rempel currently lives in Brookline, a community within Pittsburgh, Pa.

She works for Johnstone Supply as the marketing manager representing seven districts in the greater Pittsburgh, Pa. area. Rempel began her career within Johnstone Supply as the regional sales manager, but she was promoted when the owner wanted a focus on sales and marketing. Her responsibilities include creating promotions, designing and acquiring promotion related materials and distributing the materials, planning external and internal events, updating the website and producing the internal newsletter.

In 2012, Rempel served as WUPRSSA’s social media coordinator. She enjoyed all of her time in PRSSA, but one of her favorite memories is planning the Mini-Relay for Life.

“It was so exciting to put what we’d been learning into practice and seeing everyone’s talents and passions shine. These moments were certainly reminders of how lucky I was to be part of such a talented and driven group,” said Rempel.

Her biggest piece of advice for current and aspiring WUPRSSA members is that interviewers “want to know what you have specifically accomplished in order to gauge your potential.”

She states to use your PRSSA membership to your advantage by getting involved in different projects and attending conferences because those opportunities can make a difference in your job search and expand networking occasions. Utilize all interactions as a networking opportunity.

Furthermore, she advises considering all possibilities when job searching because the skills and relationships gained at any job may help in the future. Rempel reminds us that we must begin somewhere and to not overlook a job even if it isn’t our dream career. Rempel’s internship at the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society was her second choice, but following this internship, she received a community outreach job upon her graduation that developed beneficial communication skills and provided many networking opportunities for her.

“At one point, my [previous] boss had worked for my current company and relayed all of my hard work and communications strengths to the man who is now my boss. What seemed like a mindless retail job ended up getting my foot in the door with Johnstone,” said Rempel.

Amanda Troncone is a current freshman at Waynesburg University majoring in public relations. She is active in WUPRSSA where she serves as the service chair, Red Brick Communications, the Lamplighters and The Hive. During her free time, Amanda likes to write short stories and scroll through Pinterest. After graduation, she hopes to work with a non-profit organization.


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