Member Spotlight: Olivia Kelley


A year ago, Olivia Kelley was solely focused on getting through her senior year at Trinity Christian School in Morgantown, W. Va. Currently, Kelley is a freshman public relations major here at Waynesburg University. Though Kelley is solely focusing on public relations this semester, she is actively seeking other majors and minors that will be beneficial when connected with her public relations degree. According to Kelley, Waynesburg had no competition when it came to her choosing where to go. The fact that Waynesburg is a faith-based university was a huge sell for Kelley.

“I was drawn to Waynesburg because of the presence of Christianity on campus,” said Kelley. “I consider myself a follower of Christ and hoped that by coming to this university, I would be able to grow more confident in my faith and create strong relationships with other believers.”

Kelley has involved herself with numerous activities on campus. She is the High School Initiative scheduling consultant of Waynesburg University’s Chapter of PRSSA. Kelley is on the is on the track team and the Mad Anthony yearbook staff. She is also a part of Red Brick Communications, Waynesburg University’s student-run PR firm. Her favorite activity to be involved with thus far, she claims, is her participation with the KIND Campaign, a WUPRSSA activity in which she serves on a team dedicated to spread “KINDness” on campus.

“It has been a beneficial way to spend my time because it has allowed me to get to know a few of the public relations upperclassmen better and learn from their experiences in the department,” said Kelley.

When asked about the post-grad life, Kelley expresses interest in publicity or social media. Kelley aspires to one day become a public relations specialist or a practitioner within integrated marketing. She believes that she is still new to the field, though, and she is keeping her mind open.

Adjusting to college life and Waynesburg has been simple, as Kelley becomes rapidly involved on campus. Her WU       PRSSA family has also helped her adjust by being very welcoming, allowing her to jump right into the program, and letting her take on tasks that will help improve her skills.

Olivia Kelley came to Waynesburg with several things in mind, and maintaining her faith and relationship with God was, and still is, at the top of her list. When asked what quote comes to mind about what she can expect of her college experience, she gave this one:

“Expect great things from God. Attempt great things for God,” said by William Carey

Caroline Brown is a junior English Literature major, who is also pursuing a minor in Public Relations. Caroline is a general body member of WUPRSSA, and is super excited about becoming involved with Chapter. She hopes to pursue a career in publishing post graduation. Caroline is passionate about the Pittsburgh Penguins, reading and spending time with the important people in her life.


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