PRSSA National Conference: Building Personal Experiences

Have you ever played pinball?—An exciting game, right? Everything in a game of pinball is a matter of cause and effect; however, you never can predict where the contest may begin or end.

Business is very similar to a game of pinball. In business, it is important to see the consumer as the pinball itself. The consumer may drop into your creative campaign at any moment, and because of that, the consumer must be at the center of all marketing efforts. One way to keep the consumer at the center of your marketing strategy is through personalized brand experiences.

This was the premise of my favorite session at the 2015 PRSSA National Conference, titled: “Building Personalized Experiences.” The session, which focused primarily on personalizing consumer experiences using big data, was issued by Scott Cuppari, Global Marketing Director for Coca-Cola Freestyle.

When discussing personalizing consumer experiences, Cuppari expressed the importance of focusing on key points of connection between the brand and the consumer. By focusing on these key points, a company can engage with and educate consumers, in hopes of prompting them to take action in regards to its brand.

By placing the consumer at the center of your marketing strategy, you have a better understanding of the consumers’ needs and wants. Remaining focused on the consumers’ needs will help you to better serve your clients. It will allow you to not only create something similar to that of your competitors, but it will allow you to create something even better!

One way Coca-Cola Freestyle provides personalized consumer brand experiences is through its app. After downloading the Coca-Cola Freestyle app, consumers can create one of a kind drink mixes. Consumers then scan a QR code on the Coca-Cola Freestyle machine, and it automatically pours their favorite mix.

As soon as I heard this, I downloaded the app and began to customize my Coca-Cola experience! Currently, one of my favorite mixes is called Poolside Breeze: 34 percent Minute Maid Lemonade, 33 percent orange Fanta lime and 33 percent strawberry Sprite.

Megan Bayles is a current senior at Waynesburg University where she majors in Public Relations and minors in Marketing. Megan serves as our PRSSA Chapter president and is involved in many other campus activities.


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