PRSSA National Conference: Session Takeaway

Think about wearing your favorite pair of jeans – comfortable, yet stiff in all the right places. They bend and hug every curve of your lower body perfectly. Finding the right fit in public relations is similar to finding the perfect pair of jeans. Theo Tyson preached the advice to use your interests to find a specialty, and with that specialty, find your perfect fit in the field of public relations. She spoke to a conference room filled with more than 150 aspiring public relations professionals interested in the specialized area that is fashion public relations.

The 2015 PRSSA National Conference was filled with many informative speaker sessions on various topics from non-profit public relations to professional development activities. The final session of the week that I attended was the fashion public relations session led by Theo Tyson from Trinity Productions in Atlanta, Georgia. She spoke about the fast-paced industry and finding your niche in fashion public relations, but even more finding the right fit in any career you will experience in your life.

She spoke about the ever-changing fashion industry and what you need to break into a career incorporating a love for fashion and a passion for public relations. Advice she gave was about creating a brand ethos, and that you the publicist, must pay attention to what the audience wants. Tyson also stressed that you must never be late on the newest thing and that you must have continuity of the message you are sending out. She expressed that you must always work smart because all you and the company you are representing at the end of the day have are the reputation you make for yourself and the image your company portrays to the public.

Listening to her speak, I realized that everything she was speaking about was transferrable to all types of public relations and I hold her words near to my heart as I go out into the field of public relations.

Final words she left us with were, “public relations is a practice, it has to be active.” As I end my first semester as a junior and the internship search begins, I keep replaying these words in my head telling myself I must be active in my search and in my future career.

PRSSA National Conference was filled with wonderful speakers and presentations covering every kind of public relations imaginable, but Theo Tyson’s presentation resonated with me the most, and I look forward to the next time I am able to hear her speak.

Cassidy Graham is a junior Public Relations major and Digital Design major pursuing a minor in Marketing. She is a member of the Waynesburg University Public Relations Student Society of America Chapter. Cassidy has a passion for writing and fashion and hopes to pursue a career in both someday.


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