FALL 2015: POINT LEADER – Sophomore


Maura Fenske is a public relations major, journalism minor who holds the title of having the most points for the sophomore class in WUPRSSA.

Hailing from Marietta, Ohio, Fenske is very involved in the Department of Communication at Waynesburg University. Aside from being a member and social media coordinator of PRSSA, Fenske is the executive editor of the Mad Anthony Yearbook, involved in Society of Professional Journalists and serves as an account executive for Red Brick Communications, Waynesburg University’s student-run public relations firm.

Fenske has known for a while that public relations was her path. Choosing her major was an easy decision.

“I’ve known that I’ve wanted to get into public relations since I was in high school,” said Fenske. “Out of all the schools I looked at, I just feel like Waynesburg had the most opportunities right off the bat.”

As the point leader for the class of 2018, Fenske gained her points by simply making PRSSA a priority.

“Though there are plenty of Thursday nights I would rather be with my friends than at a meeting, I make sure I’m there as much as possible because you never know how valuable the meeting will be or what you will learn at it,” said Fenske.

Fenske was able to gain her points by having great time management skills.

“You need to be able to balance family, friends, classes, and the organizations you are involved in. It’s overwhelming at times,” said Fenske. “But if something is stretching you, it’s making you stronger.”

Her favorite memory thus far within the Chapter is getting to go to National Conference in Atlanta, Ga.

“I got close with everyone who went, who I was already friends with and it really just strengthens your bond,” said Fenske. “I learned more than I can say about the field and met with some professionals who have been in the field for years. It was really inspiring; it kind of solidified my decision to be a PR person someday.”

As for advice for other public relations and communication majors, Fenske states, “Don’t be afraid to say yes, but also do not be afraid to say no. As communication majors, we always want to take on a ton. Make sure that you’re involved in every opportunity you want to be involved in, but also make sure you’re not spreading yourself too thin.”

Gabrielle Coy is currently a freshman at Waynesburg University, pursuing a public relations degree. Gabrielle is a general body member of WUPRSSA, an account coordinator for Red Brick Communications, and is also involved with the Mad Anthony Yearbook. Gabrielle hopes to pursue a career with a non-profit organization or work in crisis communications.



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