Time Management Tips

When you began your freshman year of college, a piece of advice that may have been repeatedly expressed to you by your parents, professors or mentors is, “Learn how to manage your time.”

If no one made this recommendation to you before you jumped into your collegiate endeavors, they definitely should have. Aside from a strong work ethic, nothing is more crucial to your success as a college student than mastering time management skills. By following these three tips, you are sure to become an expert in time management:

Set #HomeworkGoals

As much as you want to knock out every task on your “to do” list in one sitting, it just is not realistic. Set goals for how much homework you want to get done and then reward yourself. Without having any type of goal in mind, you are more likely to lose motivation and, before you know it, will end up spending a few hours doing something that could be done in half of that time. Set a goal to study for your biology exam for an hour and treat yourself to an iced coffee if you reach that goal. Consistently rewarding yourself for reaching your #HomeworkGoals is the best way to avoid wasting time and keep making progress!

Stay busy

The common idiom “too much of a good thing” is definitely applicable when it comes to discussing free time. If you have an entire day to work on a project, as opposed to only having a couple of hours, you will probably make less headway because you are not working under as much pressure. In the way that basketball players seem to switch into high gear as they go into overtime, college students tend to do the same when we have shorter amounts of time to finish tasks. While I do not advise you to be a part of every student group on campus, I suggest that you stay involved in activities that keep you on your toes in order to avoid idleness. Having excess free time leads to laziness, and lazy students are not the ones who efficiently manage their time.

Do not become unorganized

Organization is the key to effective time management. Without referring to a calendar of some sort, it will be impossible for you to keep track of how you are spending your time. I have found the calendar on my iPhone to be extremely helpful in this area. I enter the times of all of my classes, meetings, practices and other events into my calendar so that I know when I can spend time hanging out with friends and when I cannot. If you want to eliminate the possibility of double-booking yourself and ensure that you have enough time for everything that you plan to do, PLEASE use a calendar.

While juggling assignments and extracurricular obligations can be challenging, these time management tips provide you with everything you need to handle all that college has to throw at you!


Olivia Kelley is a freshman public relations major at Waynesburg University. She is a part of the Waynesburg University Public Relations Student Society of America Chapter and serves as the high school initiative scheduling consultant for the Chapter. She also serves as an account coordinator for Red Brick Communications, its student-run public relations firm. Olivia also runs for the Waynesburg University track and field team.


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