Why are Elevator Pitches Important?

In an increasingly competitive job market, it is crucial to one’s success that they possess the ability to form thoughts and articulate them in order to demonstrate wit, charm and style. However, in the electronic age, length and time are of major importance. As a prospective worker in any field, it is crucial to be able to promote yourself as an apt employee at any moment.

An elevator pitch is a tool useful for intimate personal promotion. Use this tool when an opportunity for promotion presents itself but time is a constraint. Being able to promote something, a product or yourself, and doing it with a unique polish is a major key for success for you.

An elevator pitch must be short, but also needs to pack content and substance as well. Developing a quality pitch is similar to writing a strong synopsis for the back of a novel. You must tell the listener enough to give them a grasp of the concept, but leave them on edge for more. You want the listener to be genuinely interested. Do it correctly and the moment will end as quickly as it started but will result in the exchange of business cards and contact information.

An elevator pitch must be polished, rehearsed and presented with confidence. However, every time it is given, it must not be recycled—it should be fresh and energetic. You have to be able to adjust your pitch to your audience and scan their body language to measure your success. Be confident but not arrogant. Stand up straight, speak confidently and hold the listener with eye contact. Body language and presentation are crucial to a successful pitch. Sometimes a great presentation can gloss over any weaknesses or flaws in your pitch.

In order to be successful you have to be marketable. There is no better way to be marketable than the elevator pitch. It is a clean, concise and detailed presentation that should leave the target audience wanting more when done right.


Conor Shimabukuro is a current freshman at Waynesburg University, where he is majoring in Sports Broadcasting/Sports Information. Conor is a general body member of the Waynesburg University Public Relations Student Society of America, a member of the Waynesburg University Sports Network remote productions, SMPTE and WCTV. Conor is passionate about all things sports, especially football. He is a member of Waynesburgs varsity football team and the club lacrosse team on campus.


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