Chapter Member Spotlight: Mackenna Drazich


Mackenna Drazich is a sophomore public relations major at Waynesburg University. She comes from the small town of Avella, Pa. From the very beginning, Drazich knew she wanted to come to Waynesburg University to play basketball and pursue a degree while staying close to home.

When she first came to Waynesburg, Mackenna’s declared major was exercise science, but she soon realized that it was not her passion.

“I wasn’t happy and it didn’t take long for God to push me in the right direction. I soon fell in love with public relations and all it entails,” said Drazich.

Not only did she fall in love with the public relations industry, but she also fell in love with Public Relations Student Society of America and Waynesburg’s Chapter.

“All public relations majors at Waynesburg should feel privileged to be a part of the Chapter. PRSSA gives many opportunities to learn, apply for scholarships and travel to hear professionals first hand. Without PRSSA our knowledge of the field would be limited,” said Drazich.

The Chapter offers many different benefits, but her favorite are the professional development activities because the entire Chapter can collaborate on different crises and learn from them.

Mackenna’s dream job is working in a corporate setting being directly involved with internal relations; however, she is keeping her future open and trying not to worry about it. Her plan is to take one step at a time, and hope she can wake up in the mornings with a cup of coffee in hand as she commutes to a job that makes her happy.

Until that point, Mackenna plans to intern in the corporate setting to earn a better understanding of that type of position and what it can offer.


Amanda Troncone is a current freshman at Waynesburg University majoring in public relations. She serves as the service chair committee member for the Waynesburg University Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA). Troncone also serves as an account coordinator for Red Brick Communications, Waynesburgs nationally affiliated student-run public relations firm. Her goal is to gain experience in the field of public relations through PRSSA.



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