Five Ways Social Media can Get You a Job

How can social media help you get a job? In more ways than one, let me tell you!

Look around – we live in the “internet era” where media has exploded exponentially in the past five years. “Social media is not just an activity; it is an investment of valuable time and resources. Surround yourself with people who not just support you and stay with you, but inform your thinking about ways to WOW your online presence,” said Sean Gardner.

Our society is completely encompassed by media as well as the presence and impact of the internet, so why not take advantage of what is so readily available?

So, here are five ways you can turn your social media into a career tool:

  1. Be active

Actively use and be familiar with the social media platforms that are popular: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. Though many accounts out there are used recklessly and inappropriately, yours can stand out by following simple guidelines for a professional and unique profile.

  1. Build your story

Do not just publish work to do this – use your work to your advantage; use it to build a profile for yourself that can be published and noticed on social media. This is how you can use social media as a tool. It is so easy to get information out there. You can create an image for yourself that is easily accessible and open to anyone. Plenty of peers, coworkers and employers will be looking for various unique skills and talents, so be careful what you post, but also be enthusiastic about yourself!

  1. Be aware

Social media, and the internet for that matter, holds endless amounts of content, both good and bad. Be knowledgeable about what is out there for your own good. Know the messages being portrayed and how you can have a unique spin instead of meeting the average expectation. Remember to be enthusiastic!

  1. Keep it interesting

Have a balance between professionalism and personal life. It is good to post fun and entertaining posts about your personal life, just so long as there is a presence of professionalism as well. Employers especially will be eager to see what research you are invested in, the news you pay attention to and the matters you have opinions on. This means keeping up with news, current events and social media traffic.

  1. Be organized

Easy access is one thing, but quick direction and a simplistic layout that is easy to browse and click on will also be helpful for interested employers. The goal is to get your information out there in an impressive fashion. If you have a chaotic or cluttered profile, it will be difficult to retain viewers, and they won’t want to share your information with anyone else.

Jesse Serra is a sophomore at Waynesburg University studying public relations with a minor in journalism. Serra Strive to become a media relations or event coordinator by disciplining herself in her studies, extracurricular activities and daily living. She serves as an account executive for Red Brick Communications, publicity director for Waynesburg SPJ, a general body of PRSSA and a writer for the Odyssey at Waynesburg. Serra, a student athlete, believes attitude and character must be proven on and off the field; she believe professionalism is shown on and off the job as well.


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