Senior Spotlight: Paula Bittner


As a Meyersville Pa. native, Paula Bittner chose the path of public relations as an avenue to help others. A familiar face in the Department of Communication, Paula is involved with Red Brick communications and also serves as the historian for the Waynesburg University’s PRSSA Chapter.

“I was interested in public relations because I read a description of what it actually is, and I had never heard about it before,” said Bittner. “I think the way I wanted to pursue it was I really wanted to help people. That’s something I really wanted to do.”

Paula is an active member of the PRSSA Chapter on campus and traveling to Professional Development Day each year is among her favorite memories.

“I’ve gone every year, and just the ride there and actually being there, and being able to network with professionals in the Pittsburgh area, and also the speakers that come in, has been an event that I’ve really enjoyed,” said Bittner.

As historian for the Chapter, Paula has created a database of Waynesburg University alumni to help underclassmen reach out to professionals in the public relations field.

While she has no specific plans after graduation, Paula says that she is open to honing her skills by helping local organizations that could benefit from public relations work, but don’t know how to utilize it, or have access to expertise in that area.

Ultimately, Paula plans to pursue her passion for helping others by working in non-profit public relations. Specifically, Paula hopes to use her public relations skills gained through her education at Waynesburg University to help veterans. Coming from a family with military ties, she believes that veterans need to be taken care of. With graduation quickly approaching, Paula wants to leave some advice for underclassmen and fellow classmates.

“Get involved because at first I was kind of shy and not really sure what I wanted to do or how I would get involved and I regret it in some ways, but I have definitely tried to step up these past two years to be more involved in Red Brick and PRSSA and everything else that has to do with PR.”

Gabrielle Coy is currently a freshman at Waynesburg University, pursuing a public relations degree. Gabrielle is a general body member of Waynesburg University Public Relations Student Society of America, an account coordinator for Red Brick Communications and is also involved with the Mad Anthony Yearbook. Gabrielle hopes to pursue a career with a nonprofit organization or work in crisis communication post graduation.


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