Congratulations To Our New Executive Board

Waynesburg University’s Chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America is comprised of nine executive board positions. When it comes to running for those positions, there is a lengthy and thorough process that PRSSA must follow.

Being elected to the executive board, or e-board as it is also called, is an honor within Waynesburg PRSSA. The positions are filled by dues-paying members whom the rest of the general body believes will better the Chapter.

At a general body meeting held March 31, 2016, Waynesburg PRSSA members gathered with the intent of leaving with a new executive board in place for the 2016-2017 academic year.

Some of the new executive board has been on the board previously. In contrast, a few of the positions are now held by members that are new to the board. One of these new members is freshman public relations major, Amanda Troncone, who was elected as the professional development coordinator for the Chapter.

Being a freshman, Troncone said that she was terrified to give the speech; especially because the one that she brought to the elections was not the exact one that she wanted to present. Being the youngest running member, and having little experience compared to a majority of the people in the room, was what Troncone was most nervous about.

“I sat down with Megan Bayles to discuss the different positions and how she felt I could perform under each,” said Troncone. “After talking with her and hearing the feedback from other members, I wasn’t nervous in the aspect of qualifying for the position or how the majority of the Chapter was going to react.”

On the contrary, Natalie Gloady was re-elected as the public relations director for the upcoming academic year; she is a junior public relations and sports information major, as well as a journalism minor. Gloady is very excited about the positive direction in which the Chapter is headed.

“I have so many plans, and I cannot wait to work on them with the general body members,” said Gloady.

Being in this position before, according to Gloady, will be an immense help in bettering the Chapter and helping it achieve great things this upcoming year.

Everyone who ran for the executive board did a phenomenal job presenting themselves and voicing their plans for their respective position.

Caroline Brown is a junior English literature major, who is also pursuing a minor in public relations. Caroline serves as the content coordinator for Waynesburg University PRSSA, and is super excited about being involved in the Chapter. She hopes to pursue a career in publishing post graduation. Caroline is passionate about the Pittsburgh Penguins, reading and spending time with the important people in her life.


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