Caffeinate Your Career: Session Recap

Event: Making a Splash: Beyond Being Hired

Presenter: Steve Radick, Steve Radick, VP, Director of Public Relations and Content Integration at Brunner, President PRSA Pittsburgh

With summer, college graduation and, even more importantly, the time for aspiring public relations practitioners to make the adjustment from student to young professional in the public relations field right around the corner, it is imperative that we focus in on our professionalism.

“Making a Splash: Beyond Being Hired” provided attendees with practical knowledge of ways to distinguish oneself in the highly competitive field – especially at the entry level. Steve Radick, PRSA Pittsburgh chapter president, and decorated member of the field, discussed the importance of creativity, ambition and diversity.

Similar to many other fields, public relations is one that is constantly on the verge of change. Employers often recognize this trend, and look to hire those with a unique perspective or outlook to offer the field. Radick, who also serves as the VP, Director of Public Relations and Content Integration at Brunner, provided advice on improving résumés, applying for positions and effectively using personal content. Information such as this not only allows us to gain insight into what employers, such as Radick, look for in the hiring process, but also gives practical knowledge on how make yourself “more than what your entry level résumé says.”


  • Stop being who you think employers want you to be and just be who you are.
  • Be open to tell what your story is as long as it’s your story.
  • START DOING NOW. Do not just try to fit in. Stand out. Tell an employer something unique to you.
  • Too often do we rely on templates of best practices, rather than being unique. Get out of your comfort zone.
  • When you are hired, turn the gears in your head. Think about the long game, not just the task at hand. Show dedication to the organization you work for.

Zac is a public relations and marketing student and a student athlete at the university. As a two year starter on the varsity football team, Zac also competed in track and field last spring. Zac is a member of the WUPRSSA Executive Board, serving as treasurer, along with a member of Waynesburg’s Business club. Zac also serves as a representative of Waynesburg’s Fellowship of Christian Athletes. 


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