Chapter Member Spotlight: Taylor Pieper


Switching paths from nursing to public relations, Taylor Pieper, a junior at Waynesburg University, has found a passion that uniquely fits her willingness to interact with people.

After realizing that she could not handle needles as a nursing major, the people she works with in the admissions office at Waynesburg University suggested that she try pursuing a degree in public relations.

Pieper’s choice to follow the advice of her co-workers made her realize that jumping into the field of public relations could give her the opportunity to work in a hospital setting and help children.

“I honestly really didn’t choose it; it kind of chose me,” she said.

In fact, Pieper chose to not only major in public relations but also major in digital design. At first, this decision made her nervous because of the full course load and because she started the courses for both majors as a sophomore.

“I loved both of them. I honestly could not pick just one. I like the aspect of people and still getting to help them, but I also really like design work and making things pretty,” she said.

A year later, using her design skills with her public relations skills has proven that both majors complement each other and go hand-in-hand.

“I think it makes me very marketable because it’s a two-in-one package deal. Not only can I give your company a good name, I can also make it look good,” she said.

Currently, Pieper is a member of the Waynesburg University Chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America, an account coordinator for Red Brick Communications, a Student Ambassador for the admissions office at Waynesburg University and a softball player for the Lady Jackets.

Looking ahead to senior year, Pieper is the next fundraising coordinator for the Waynesburg University PRSSA Chapter, and the new vice president of the AIGA student group. In her role as fundraising coordinator, she looks forward to her new responsibilities and experiences as a member of the executive board.

“I’m excited to get to help the Chapter grow and get them more involved,” she said.

Following graduation, Pieper’s future goals have changed slightly from her original plan to work in medical public relations or as a special events coordinator for a children’s hospital.

The field of public relations has so many aspects that she is interested in and now she is not sure exactly which path to follow. She does have some possible ideas in mind.

“I really like the nonprofit GreenPeace so I would love to work for them one day, or even do fashion public relations and get to travel and see some great designs,” she said.

No matter where the future leads her, Pieper’s motivation to help and interact with people endures.

Paula Bittner is a senior public relations major and marketing minor. She serves as the historian for the Waynesburg University PRSSA chapter and an account coordinator for Red Brick Communications. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, being active on social media and looking up wedding ideas. After graduation, she hopes to work in the nonprofit sector or tourism industry.


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