Chapter Member Spotlight: Teghan Simonton


College is a stressful time in all students’ lives; no matter their major, background, activities or class rank. Some students believe that they have to pick and choose what to get involved in and where they spend their precious time because so many opportunities are available to them. Whereas others feel that they can take on the world and get involved into a number of different classes, athletics and activities. Some students can’t handle the pressure of being a part of everything, and begin to get discouraged by the end of their freshman year. However, the exact opposite happened to dedicated Waynesburg University PRSSA Chapter member Teghan Simonton.

Simonton, a native of Waldorf, Md., first decided to attend Waynesburg University after she was recruited for the university’s cross country team, a sport in which she still actively participates in along with the university’s track team. Simonton then had to choose her major. After much deliberation, Simonton didn’t settle on just one area of communication study, she decided on two – public relations and journalism.

“My majors are public relations and journalism, which is different since the majors are supposed to hate each other,” said Simonton. “I love to write and it’s something that I felt I am meant to do, and I’ve felt like this since the first grade. I just couldn’t decide between the two.”

Simonton is now in her sophomore year at Waynesburg University, and is already making herself stand out in the Department of Communication. She holds the position of publicity chair on the Chapter’s public relations committee, and is also the managing editor of the university’s student-run newspaper, The Yellow Jacket. While her titles have given Simonton multiple opportunities to learn and display her skills, they have also presented many challenges. Simonton is more active in her academics and her outside activities than she ever thought possible.

“The hardest thing for me is balancing co-curricular activities; like being active in PRSSA and the Yellow Jacket, because they are both really time consuming,” said Simonton. “But if I ever get stressed out, I just try to think about how grateful I am to have all of these different opportunities to get thrown at me.”

Outside of her co-curricular activities and her athletics, Simonton also participates in the school’s work study program and is a writing center tutor – making her schedule even more compact. Although she has quite a load at a young age, Simonton believes that her past experiences with the Chapter and the university have prepared her enough to take on her own personal battles.

“I’m far more prepared than I was freshman year,” said Simonton. “I’m more confident in my ability to get things done and that I can do this.”

As for what the future holds, Simonton is eager to take on the world and show others what she can accomplish.

“As a sophomore, I’m happy to be learning more,” said Simonton. “I can’t wait to see what the rest of my college years have in store.”

Michelle Frye is a junior public relations and advertising double major with minors in marketing and theatre. She is a general body member of WUPRSSA and is also part of Red Brick Communications. Her future goals are to become an advertiser or public relations practitioner for the major theme park industry.


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