5 Benefits of Teams

If you were like me and played sports growing up, you were probably told “that there is no “I” in team” again and again. When I was younger, I thought that just meant that you needed your teammates to succeed on the field. Now that I’m a budding public relations professional and soon-to-be college graduate, I realize that teamwork is just as important in the field as well. Here are five ways you and your client can benefit from teamwork:

1. It can better your communication

Not only will working with a team allow you to enhance your personal communication skills, it can also strengthen the communication you have with your client. It is incredibly difficult to be able to remember or write down every word said in a meeting. By having a team present there, your members may pick up on something you may have otherwise missed. This detail may be the main piece to an upcoming campaign or the reason they renew their contact with you.

2. Delegation and Efficiency

Unfortunately, no one is capable of doing absolutely everything. No matter how hard you may try, it is difficult to add another project to an already full agenda; it is also difficult to give each project the adequate time it needs before moving on to another task. By having a team to back you up, they are able to take on some of the projects the client may need completed, they can also help you look over each project before final submission. This allows you to work more efficiently and professionally with your client.

3. Ideas and Creativity

Teams are great because they can also serve as a focus group or brainstorming session for times when you can’t think of the next great idea. Having other people around to bounce ideas off of allows you to be more creative and can spur some of the best ideas your client has ever moved forward with. Remember: two heads are better than one.

4. Support, Relationships and Networking

Working with a team gives everyone a common goal. Since you are all after the same thing, a team provides you with a sense of support. This support often carries outside of the work environment, and into personal lives. Personally, some of my best friends I met because of teams.

5. Learning

You never know who is going to be on your team, and you don’t know what skills they might have. By working with people who have a different skillset, you can broaden your own. These skills may be the reasons that you are selected for your next job or internship.

Natalie Gloady is a senior at Waynesburg University, where she is majoring in public relations and sports information. She serves as the public relations director for Waynesburg PRSSA, as well as an account executive for Red Brick Communications. Natalie hopes to pursue a job in the sports industry as a social media coordinator or publications director post graduation. Follow her on Twitter or connect with Natalie on LinkedIn.


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