Alumni Spotlight: Kerry May


Photo Courtesy of Kerry May

Kerry May, a 2011 Waynesburg University graduate, earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication with an emphasis in public relations. Since graduation, May has primarily focused on the nonprofit sector. This dedication led May to her current position – the Development Assistant at Manchester Bidwell Corporation, an educational organization focused on creative arts located in Pittsburgh, Pa.

“I recently received an amazing opportunity to join an organization that I’ve always admired,” said May. “MBC believes that everyone, no matter their background, deserves beauty, respect and the opportunity to learn in a safe space.”

Currently, May is working to prepare for the Jesse F. Wife Jr.’s “Fabric of our Community Awards,” which will be held Nov. 17, 2016: an annual event through Bidwell Training Center that honors organizations and individuals that demonstrate significant contributions to the career-training industry. According to May, this year’s recipients are Doug Oster of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, the Pennsylvania Association of Private School Administrators and the American Culinary Federation Pittsburgh Chapter.

May has worn many hats throughout her professional career. However, she was confident to take on each of these roles because of her education, time at Waynesburg and her involvement with the Public Relations Student Society of America.

“Joining PRSSA was the best decision I could have made,” said May. “Being selected as the PR Team secretary during my sophomore year, helped me gain confidence and experience in a leadership role.”

May also accredits her professional preparation to the internships she completed while in school, as well as the internship class through the Department of Communication. May states that the internship class is the reason that she has stage presence and is confident when communicating with others. She encourages current students to take on as many internships as possible.

“Intern as much as possible. Get experience. Be willing to go outside of your comfort zone. Be flexible. Don’t be afraid to be yourself,” said May. “If you land an interview, but don’t get the job… don’t ever give up. Believe in your abilities and the skills that you gained at Waynesburg University. The right job is out there waiting for you.”

Mackenna Drazich is a current junior at Waynesburg University. She serves as the secretary for Waynesburg University PRSSA, as well as the administrative assistant for Red Brick Communications. Mackenna is passionate about sharing God’s word through the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, where she fulfills the role of team leader. Mackenna is also a captain on Waynesburg University’s women’s basketball team. 


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