5 Easy Ways To Be Transparent Every Day

Transparency is something public relations professionals know very well; it’s being open, authentic and honest in all aspects of the industry. In the field, being transparent is crucial and can often be a determining factor in whether you receive a job or acquire a new client. There are many different to be transparent, however here are five major ways that you can intertwine the concept into your everyday life.

Don’t be afraid

Though it is often difficult not to be afraid, it’s not impossible. People can learn how to be brave and look fear in the eyes in order to move pass the hurdle. The field is not scary – especially when you can be transparent about what your strengths and weaknesses are.

Show you have nothing to hide

It’s as simple as it sounds; when you present yourself to others, make sure that they know that you have absolutely nothing to hide. Be friendly, open, honest and conversational. In this field you can’t afford to hide anything, no matter how small, because it can reflect poorly on you and your organization.


Talking is the most basic and one of the most essential ways of communicating with others. When you talk in this industry, along with most others, it is best to always speak the truth. Whether you are telling a potential employer that you do not have a skill but you’re willing to learn, or you are explaining the details of a crises to a client, it is always the best practice to talk in a clear and comprehensive way.


Honesty is one of the absolute best qualities a person can have. In the public relations field, honesty is key. If a hiring manger discovers that you are lying in your interview or on your résumé, you can almost guarantee that you will not be getting the position. Basically, just be genuine and real in every facet of your life.

Be open

Though this concept can be tricky, doing it will allow people to know that you are transparent. Openness is a top quality in public relations; it allows companies and clients to have more faith in you, and be comfortable working with you. You do not have to be 100 percent open with every person that you meet – just be mindful, respectful, personable and professional and they will see the genuine version of you.

 Adam McKnight is a junior public relations major. He is a general body member of Waynesburg University’s Public Relations Student Society of America, as well as an account specialist for Red Brick Communications, a student-run communications firm. An avid tennis player, he hopes to one day pursue a career related with the sport he loves.


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