2016 PRSSA National Conference Session Recap: Pitch(ing) Perfect

Session: Pitch(ing) Perfect

Presenter: Brandon Scott, Digital and Brand Director – Ten Adams

Recap: Though the public relations field is constantly changing, the power of the pitch still remains static. A vital aspect of the profession is being able to pitch an idea, whether that be an upcoming event or a new product. Not only is it crucial to be able to pitch to the media, it is equally as important to effectively pitch to clients. Brandon Scott knows key ways on how to pitch to professionals to obtain and excite new business opportunities. Listed below is the advice Scott shared with students who are aspiring to have a career in public relations.

Key takeaways:

  1. The pitch is the “ask” that sets the terms for agreed success, meaning you and your client have a mutual understanding of what is successful
  2. In order to have a focus, you should set a framework
  3. When pitching an idea, you need to know your audience
  4. In order to execute an effective pitch, you should create a strategy that is mutually agreed on between you and your client
  5. Find and deliver the value when pitching something

Taylor White is a senior studying public relations and minoring in journalism at Waynesburg University. Taylor serves as the special events coordinator for the Waynesburg University Chapter of Public Relations Student Society of America. Follow Taylor on Twitter or connect with her on LinkedIn.

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