Five Reasons To Volunteer

Many public relations students are frequently juggling a tight, heavily loaded work schedule. From attending class, PRSSA involvement and extracurricular activities, it becomes difficult to even make time for yourself. Because of this, people tend to overlook the importance and benefits of volunteering. Here are five reasons why, in the midst of all your work, you should step back and consider volunteering.

  1. You could learn a few things

Sometimes the most valuable lessons are taught out of the classroom; going through the motions of class after class, semester after semester, isn’t enough to get the most out of your education. Applying hands-on experience is going to be some of the most valuable assets to your degree, so it’s important to get involved early to optimize these opportunities. Extra curricular activities can be just as important to an employer as your GPA. It’s important to show that you are able to achieve a good work-life balance because it paints a better picture of the real you. 

2. You could find a new interest

We often find ourselves in a monotonous routine, and need to balance our life with a variety of activities that can be both relaxing and energizing. Volunteering is a great way to delve into a unique career path, or new hobbies, you may never had seen yourself taking. Activities like building a home for Habitat for Humanity, spending a few hours a week at a senior home, or volunteering with Big Brother, Big Sister, all could result in new interests or passions you didn’t know were there.

3. It looks good on a résumé

Volunteering is an excellent way to boost your career prospects. It helps you create a positive impression, makes you more innovative, allows you to be creative and gives you a range of useful skills. Employers love a candidate with a range of soft skills and, luckily, volunteering gives you plenty of those. You are faced with problems on a daily basis; you have to deal with a mix of personalities and adjust to life outside of your comfort zone. This all adds up, and helps to improve your teamwork, leadership, problem-solving and people skills. All in all, another excellent reason to get out there and volunteer.

4. It gives you self-gratification

Much like exchanging a smile, when you’re happy and content, you tend to make those around you happy as well. Studies has shown when doing volunteer work, happiness is a common side effect that spreads, making others want to contribute to boost their moods, too. This is vital in public relations

5. Volunteering leaves an impact

If you think it does not, you are completely wrong. The beauty of volunteering is that it allows most any skill or amount of time you might have to be put toward helping make an impact in your community. There are few things more rewarding than the joy of serving others and seeing that leave a lasting impression.

Zac is a senior public relation student and a student athlete at the university. Zac is a member of the WUPRSSA Executive Board, serving as treasurer.  He also serves as a representative of Waynesburg’s Fellowship of Christian Athletes. 



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