2016 PRSSA National Conference Session Recap: Engaging Your Internal Audience

Session: Engaging Your Internal Audience

Presenters: Brian Easter, CEO and Co-Founder – Nebo

  • Recap: Nebois a full service digital marketing agency that believes great work comes from understanding the needs, wants and perceptions of our audience. In his session, Brian Easter, CEO, presented to aspiring firm and agency professionals about the importance of engaging and inspiring your internal audience. The session highlighted how to connect an organization and its publics through one of the most desired skills employers are seeking

Key Takeaways:

  • It is not what you sell, it is what you stand for
  • Your mission must start with a purpose, remind yourself why your organization exists
  • Storytelling is imperative – it is how we communicate. Learn to use it efficiently
  • Put the team first

Zac is a senior public relation student and a student athlete at the university. Zac is a member of the WUPRSSA Executive Board, serving as treasurer.  He also serves as a representative of Waynesburg’s Fellowship of Christian Athletes. 


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