Senior Spotlight: Taylor White

Screen Shot 2016-11-15 at 4.52.47 PM.png

Taylor White is a senior public relations major at Waynesburg University. Currently, White is highly involved in PRSSA as the Chapter Special Events Coordinator, as well as an Account Executive for Red Brick Communications.

White knew she wanted to have a media-related career since the age of 14, and eventually found her way to being a public relations student at Waynesburg University.

“I wanted to go to a small, private school with a strong public relations program,” said White. “At first, I had plans of attending a school far away from home, but after looking into Waynesburg University, the Department of Communication and what all they offer for their students, I knew that it would be the best place for me to further my education.”

While she has grown as a public relations student through the various classes she has taken, White accredits the University’s PRSSA Chapter for helping her most develop since her freshman year.

“PRSSA has given me opportunities to professionally develop, network with professionals and do real life PR work that I wouldn’t be able to do otherwise if I wasn’t a member of the organization,” said White. “I am truly blessed to attend a school that has such a prestigious PRSSA Chapter.”

Over the summer, Taylor completed her internship with the Greene County Tourism and Promotions Agency. While there, she was able to utilize her writing skills to promote tourism for the county and attend different events within the county to learn what makes it so unique. White gained valuable public relations experience, as well as got to witness firsthand what her future could entail.

Post-graduation, Taylor intends on continuing her education by striving to receive her MBA or Master in integrated communications.

“My ultimate goal is to work in the corporate public relations sector, said White.” “I feel that my qualifications and skill set leads more towards in-house public relations.”

Nicole Tobias is currently a freshman public relations major at Waynesburg University. She is the High School Initiative Presentation Coordinator and Local Events Chair for the Waynesburg University PRSSA Chapter, and serves as the Public Relations Director and an Account Specialist for Red Brick Communications. She is also a student ambassador for the university’s Office of Admissions.

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