Public Relations and The Beatles

If one would ask my 7-year-old self what my favorite song was, I would not hesitate to answer,“Come Together” by The Beatles. As a child, I would walk around with my pink, portable CD player, listening to the song over and over again. While other children were idolizing bands such as NSYNC and The Back Street boys, I was obsessed with an English rock band from the 60s.

Today, being a 21-year-old aspiring public relations professional, I can say that The Beatles are still my favorite band. Not just because of their unique music style that dramatically impacted the industry, but also because the way they utilized branding.

The strong brand The Beatles developed for themselves is one of the many reasons they became the best-selling music artist in the United States. Here are a few lessons from The Beatles’ brand tactics.

Create a brand personality

It is important to create an experience from brand personality. A brand personality is something to which the consumer can relate to; an effective brand will increase its equity by having a consistent set of traits. Creating a brand personality that is boring could lead to audiences not being attracted to what you are trying to sell. The Beatles defined their brand experience and personality through their music, album covers and how they interacted with the media.

Stand out

Don’t let your brand take a backseat, try to stand out. The Beatles did not follow the music trends of the time, but instead created their own. This is one of the reason why The Beatles reached stardom and were highly successful.

Don’t be afraid to show emotion

A strategy that focuses on building a brand based on emotions is critical to its success. The Beatles used emotional influence as a way to developed their brand deeper than just their image. From their music, live performances and media interactions, it was evident the kind of emotions The Beatles wanted to convey to their audiences

Engage with your audience

The Beatles reached stardom, and gained a continuously growing fan based, because they knew what their audience wanted. They developed a strong relationship with their fans by constantly engaging with them through things such as monthly magazines and meet-and-greets. To develop your brand, create relatable content that your audience would want to consume.

Taylor White is a senior studying public relations and minoring in journalism at Waynesburg University. Taylor serves as the special events coordinator for the Waynesburg University Chapter of Public Relations Student Society of America. Follow Taylor on Twitter or connect with her on LinkedIn.


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