Why YOU Should Write for the Chapter Blog

A staple in public relations is being able to write clear, creative and concise content. As members of the Waynesburg University Public Relations Student Society of America Chapter, the opportunity to practice your writing skills is available every week. By signing up to write for the Chapter blog, members receive numerous benefits that can help launch them into successful careers. Here are four reasons you should consider writing for our Chapter blog:

Portfolio pieces.

Writing for the Chapter blog gives you ample opportunities to build your digital portfolio. You get to write about current events or industry news, and then share your published pieces for potential employers to see. Building your portfolio with pieces from the Chapter blog is also an excellent way to display your dedication and participation with PRSSA – which is often a big selling point for employers.

Practice your writing and AP Style skills.

The more you practice at something, the better you get at it; writing is no different. By contributing to the Chapter blog, you are giving yourself time to work on one of the most important skills in the public relations field. You are also giving yourself more practice at AP Style – a highly sought after skill in the industry.

Current events.

The Chapter blog is constantly covering current events. The Golden Globes, NFL playoffs and recent crises are just a few. When you read and write about current events, it makes you more marketable. Many employers will now ask interviewees about current shifts in industry news. By writing for the Chapter blog, you may already have a topic in mind that could impress during an interview.

Getting involved.

If you are interested in running for Executive Board or a committee position someday, the Chapter blog is a great place to start. Topics on the blog can help you narrow your scope on which position you may be interested in, as well as give you the confidence to put yourself out there. Contributing writers are recorded, and having your name on that list can only lead to more opportunities.

Natalie Gloady is a senior at Waynesburg University, where she is majoring in public relations and sports information. She serves as the public relations director for Waynesburg PRSSA, as well as an account executive for Red Brick Communications. Natalie hopes to pursue a job in the sports industry as a social media coordinator or publications director post graduation. Follow her on Twitter or connect with Natalie on LinkedIn.

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