Crafting Your PR Bucket List

A lot of people create bucket lists for themselves: places they want to go, things they want to experience, memories they want to cherish. As a public relations student, I created a “PR Bucket List” for myself four years ago. I have continually completed and added items to it throughout my college career. Each of these tasks has helped keep me on track, as well as aided my develop into a young professional.

As I prepare for graduation, I encourage other public relations students to create their own public relations bucket list. This list can assist students in preparing for leadership opportunities, internships and future employment. The list can assist in adding skills to your résumé, as well as aid you in developing your public relations niche. Here is a list of items you should consider adding to your PR/PRSSA bucket list:


  • Sharpen your AP Style skills
  • Be published on Progressions and/or in FORUM at least once
  • Regularly submit pieces to your Chapter blog (if available)
  • Volunteer to cover a story for your Chapter newsletter (if available)

Social Media:

  • Learn to manage your personal accounts professionally
  • Learn to efficiently use a management platform – Hootsuite, TweetDeck, etc.
  • Participate in a PRSSA Twitter chat
  • Create a user-friendly, high-quality digital portfolio
  • Learn to read Facebook and Twitter analytics


  • Master the Adobe Creative Suite: Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator
  • Learn basic photography skills
  • Practice developing a basic newsletter layout

Media Relations:

  • Construct a media list for the Chapter, internship or personal use
  • Compose, edit and submit at least one news release to your local media outlets
  • Have at least one news release published on PRSSA Chapter News
  • Practice pitch emailing to compliment your news releases


  • Volunteer to work at least one Chapter event every semester
  • Attend at least one Regional Conference
  • Attend at least one National Conference
  • Explore various sectors of public relations – research, media relations, etc.
  • Intern for at least one nonprofit
  • Complete at least one internship in your preferred sector

Natalie Gloady is a senior at Waynesburg University, where she majors in public relations and sports information. She serves as the Public Relations Director for Waynesburg PRSSA, as well as an Account Executive for Red Brick Communications. Natalie hopes to pursue a job in the sports industry as a social media coordinator or publications director post-graduation. Follow her on Twitter or connect with her on LinkedIn.


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