Regional Conference Session Recap: “Ask Me Anything: Going from Intern to Entry-Level”

Session: Ask Me Anything: Going from Intern to Entry-Level

Presenter: Erica Walsh, Client Staff Assistant for Burson-Marstellar

Recap: At Penn State University’s PRSSA Regional Conference, “Passport to PR,”  Erica Walsh gave insight to the transition from being an intern to obtaining  an entry-level job. During which, she described the importance of taking what you learn from your internship and applying it to an entry-level position in public relations. The presentation offered great advice for going into the field of public relations.

Key takeaways:

  1. Don’t be afraid to tell what you aren’t really good at when interning. Your supervisors want to see you grow and become more developed in the world.
  2. Ask some questions. You always want to keep learning when you land that last entry-level job. Usually questions beginning with “why” are the best to ask so can learn how to do things your employer wants you to.
  3. Pay attention to detail. All public relations employers pay attention to the smallest detail, and it’s your job to remember those details. Another good way to remember these details is to take notes with directions, it’ll help you in the long run.
  4. Don’t expect to be perfect right away. We all make mistakes in life and in the workplace, when you do make a mistake, it’s your job to learn from it and become a stronger employee because of it.
  5. Volunteer – be eager and get involved, do the little things that nobody really wants to do. It’ll make you look good in the eyes of your employer.

Adam McKnight is a junior public relations major. He is a general body member of Waynesburg University’s Public Relations Student Society of America, as well as an account specialist for Red Brick Communications, a student-run communications firm. An avid tennis player, he hopes to one day pursue a career related with the sport he loves.

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