Regional Conference Session Recap: “Public Relations for Social Good”

Session: Public Relations for Social Good

Presenter: Ellyn Fisher, Senior Vice President of PR and Social Media, Ad Council

Recap: Ellyn Fisher, began her presentation by discussing her background and education. She called herself “indecisive” as she listed a variety of jobs that she worked at before working in PR at the Ad Council. She so happened to have found a job opening at the Ad Council, and with that opportunity she discovered her passion for non-profit PR. She showed a clip from the famous “Love Has No Labels” commercial where people with a variety of sexual orientations, religions, races and abilities walked out from behind a screen that had only shown their skeleton before. The commercial was so widely successful, it is currently at over 162 million views, it won an Emmy for the best commercial. Fisher also mentioned another well-known campaign called “We are America” and finished the session by hinting at future campaigns. Overall, the session was focused not only on the viral videos she helped promote, but the importance of being passionate about your job and the content you are promoting.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Strategically create content that multiple demographics can relate to any an emotional level.
    • “If you want someone to do something, make them feel something,” Fisher said.
  2. Have content plans so, if a campaign suddenly skyrockets in popularity, you can continue to produce more content related to the campaign to keep interest.
  3. Measure your success, identify what was successful and what wasn’t to create more refined content.
  4. The cycle that PSA’s go through is; exposure, awareness, engagement and impact in relation to the public.

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