Combating Unmotivated Team Members

Unmotivated team members can be a cancer to any project that is trying to get started or accomplish a given task. It is a difficult task to lead a group of people that don’t want to work hard, or don’t want to accomplish the goals set for them. It is a roadblock that must be conquered if people want to continue to work for an employer or get chosen again to complete a task. Here are some tips for combatting unmotivated workers in a group project:

One way you can motivate workers is giving them incentives to work for. When they accomplish certain objectives in the task to be completed, rewarding your workers can give them motivation to keep working hard. It is a little bit of “What’s in it for me?” for the members of your team. What to do for the incentive is up to you as the person attempting to motivate the workers. Just make sure it is enough to make the workers want to accomplish a task.

Getting to know your workers can be crucial to success if you want to motivate your employees into accomplishing a goal or completing a task. Getting to know your employeees’ likes and dislikes, and what makes them tick as an individual, can be a crucial step in getting a task done. If you know what your employees like to do and not do like, you can help them adjust to accomplishing a task by giving them a step in the process that suites their strengths. Knowing the people you are working with can also be beneficial to you and your organization in the long run by helping you build relationships and developing good communication skills with people that you work closely with.

Sam Hixson is a freshmen at Waynesburg University where he majors in Sports Broadcasting and minors in Public Relations. He hopes to pursue a career in play by play announcing or in the world of radio and television post graduation. You can connect with Sam on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.


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