Professional Lessons in Football

People tend to believe that football is just a game of hard collisions and injuries; that it cannot teach players life lessons and morals. Though some people believe that nothing good comes from it, there are those who play the sport that believe it has given them new ways of looking at life, and how to approach each day. Football is one of the great ways to teach children and young adults lessons such as leadership, commitment and responsibility.

1. Leadership.

In football, one thing that all coaches are looking for is the athlete who will step up above the rest and take control; one that will lead others in the right direction so that everyone is on the right page. This can continue off the field as well. In the classroom, for example, teachers are looking for that one student who is always willing to lend that helping hand to another student who is in the need of help.

“Football has given me leadership to take with me off the field such as the classroom, my family life and my internship,” said Jon Silvidi, a former Waynesburg University football player.

Some find that it my be out of their comfort zone to go and help others, but football has taught players that sometimes going out of the way to help individuals can make a positive impact on the both of them.

2. Commitment.

Commitment is something that a lot of people struggle with today. In football, players have to be committed to doing the right thing to make sure the team succeeds. Football teaches players to be committed on the field, but as well as off the field. Players learn that they must be committed to studying hard and making sure that they are getting good grades to stay eligible to play.

“Football has also given me commitment off the field as well, such as being fully committed to my internship so that I can set myself up for a possible job after college,”said Silvidi.

Commitment isn’t something that should be forced on somebody. Players should always be committed to doing everything 100 percent. It does not matter if it is on the field or if that is in the classroom.

3. Responsibility.

The biggest lesson that football can teach someone is responsibility. Players need to be responsible for studying the playbook, eating the right diet to be prepared for competiton and working out properly so that their bodies can handle the contact of the sport. Responsibility is something that everybody needs to be accountable for because it will last with individuals for the rest of their lives.

Jake DiGuilio is a senior sports management major at Waynesburg University. He plans on pursuing his career in sports management working with a sports organization, as well as using his public relations skills as a media buyer post-graduation. 


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