Steps for PR Students to Take Every Day

Anyone can be a public relations student, but to be a successful student in this field you should follow these steps to build your public relations skills every day.

1. Intangibles.

As a public relations student, you must have certain intangibles – such as charisma and confidence. Developing your intangibles will not only help you impress your professor, but help you address the public and network with people in the field. By having strong confidence or charisma, you can help yourself land potential jobs.

2. Enhance writing and public speaking skills.

In the field of public relations, writing is key. The foundation of public relations is built on writing; it is used to persuade and inform, as well as to craft perfect news releases, feature stories and blog posts. Being able to write and edit professionally will advance your career, as well as prepare you for life post-graduation.

3. Organization and Goals.

Being organized and having your priorities together is extremely important for a public relations student. Whether you are finishing an assignment, turning in a blog post or completing a firm project, staying organized and setting goals will allow a public relations student to never miss a deadline. It will also help when you have to juggle numerous projects at one time. Being organized shows maturity and focus, as well. Setting goals for yourself every day is also important, as it gives you something to work towards.

4. Be proactive in organizations.

This is one of the most important things a public relations should do daily. Being part of your school’s PRSSA chapter or on-campus firm is key to being successful post-graduation. These organizations can provide you with opportunities to get hands on experience learning the skills that you will need to work in the public relations field.

5. Professionalism.

To be successful in any major you should show extensive knowledge of the field, and think of different ways to approach various situations. You can practice your professionalism every day by reading articles online, sending proper emails and representing yourself as a budding professional.

Chad Walker is a freshman at Waynesburg University, where he studies public relations. He is an Account Coordinator for Red Brick Communications and a general body member of the Waynesburg University PRSSA Chapter. Chad would like to pursue a job in the sports industry post-graduation.  


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