Alumni Spotlight: Molly Suehr


Photo courtesy of Molly Suehr

Molly Suehr graduated from Waynesburg University in 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations and a minor in marketing. Since graduation, Suehr has utilized her public relations and communication education to work in different sectors of the industry; Suehr is currently a Director of Marketing and Sales for Steri-Clean Pittsburgh.

Steri-Clean Pittsburgh is a national franchise that cleans out hoarded homes and biohazard/trauma scenes. Through this position, Suehr manages social media, creates sales campaigns and fosters relationships with new businesses. This position keeps Suehr busy, as well as allows her to do different tasks and use different skills every day.

Suehr was prepared for the craziness of her post-graduation life because of her time spent with the Waynesburg University Public Relations Student Society of America Chapter, but more specifically as Chapter President. Suehr says that being Chapter President was stressful, but very rewarding.

“I genuinely enjoyed being the President for our Chapter,” said Suehr. “I was able to be a part of our Chapter receiving Star Chapter status for the first time and that was very rewarding and made all of the tough, stressful times so worth it. I enjoyed being able to lead meetings and take leadership in something I cared so much about.”

As Suehr continues her public relations career, she is thankful for the education and opportunities that Waynesburg University provided to her during her college years. She is confident in her choice to pursue a career in public relations because of the versatility it encompasses.

“I can confidently say I am happy with my decision to choose PR as my career path,” said Suehr. “It is so versatile and I’ve come to appreciate that since I have been out of college. From previously working at a marketing agency to now working for a hoarding clean up company, you can really take this degree anywhere and pair it with your passion.”

Suehr encourages current public relations students to try different facets of public relations, and to preserve when things get tough. She also urges students to start with small opportunities, because they can lead to big ones.

“I started as a group sales coordinator selling theater tickets,” said Suehr. “It was by no means my dream job but I took it as a learning opportunity to grow and understand how to work in a professional setting. Then I moved on to a marketing agency, which I thought was my dream job but I was proved wrong! My advice is to try your hand in multiple areas of PR and see where you can use your talents the best.”

Chace Johnston is a freshman public relations and sports information major at Waynesburg University. He is a general body member of the Waynesburg University PRSSA Chapter, as well as a staff writer for the Yellow Jacket, a student-run newspaper on campus.

Natalie Gloady is a senior at Waynesburg University, where she majors in public relations and sports information. She serves as the Public Relations Director for Waynesburg PRSSA, as well as an Account Executive for Red Brick Communications. Natalie hopes to pursue a job in the sports industry as a social media coordinator or publications director post-graduation. Follow her on Twitter or connect with her on LinkedIn.


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