Reasons to Join Your On Campus Newspaper

As a public relations major, it may not seem beneficial to become a part of your campus newspaper – after all, it is a very different writing style. I’ve met many public relations majors who have really struggled with newswriting – and I think that is all the more of a reason to get as much practice as you can. Here are a few more reasons to get involved with your newspaper on the ground floor:

1. Practice writing. All the time.

A successful public relations practitioner needs to have all kinds of skills – and they need to be great at all kinds of skills. Writing is at the top of that list – all kinds of writing. Being a part of your campus newspaper will give you the opportunity to develop your writing every week – focusing on different topics every week. You can’t undervalue that amount of experience.

2. Learn time management.

No organization has helped me develop my time management skills more than my campus newspaper. As Managing Editor for the Yellow Jacket, I am responsible for writing, editing and page layout every week. All in all, it’s about 25 hours of my time each week, if not more, and efficiency is imperative. I am confident that I’ll be able to use my ability to compartmentalize and manage my time wisely in any employment situation.

3. Build relationships.

I think it is very easy for students of all majors to get stuck in their own little ‘bubble.’ Becoming a part of any organization will help you relate to other majors – and becoming a part of the newspaper, specifically, will help you relate to journalists. You’ll be able to see firsthand how media outlets function, which will undoubtedly help you communicate with the media in your career.

These are only a few reasons for you to consider joining your campus newspaper’s staff. I have cherished the opportunities given to me by my newspaper, and I encourage everyone I can to seek the same benefits.

Teghan Simonton is a sophomore with a dual major in public relations and journalism. She serves as the content coordinator  for Waynesburg PRSSA and as managing editor for the award-winning Yellow Jacket student newspaper. She is an active member of Red Brick Communications and the Society of Professional Journalists. In her free time, Teghan is a member of the cross country and track teams.


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