PR Week – #BridgeTheGap: Keynote Address Session Recap

Session: Keynote Speaker.

Presenter: Amy Taylor, Founder of MINC

Recap: MINC stands for Market, Integrate, Network, Create. Amy Taylor spoke to students about how she and her award-winning staff utilize strategic planning everyday to deliver her clients’ direct message. With the slogan “strategically connected,” Taylor begins her strategic planning process with research followed by a needs analysis of the client. Working with clients in virtually every field has taught her that the most important thing you can do for a client is listen to them. She highly recommends showing the client that end result they’re aiming to achieve. Understand the client’s goal, look internally with a plan – then push everything externally. Understand which creative services they need and then create your plan.

Key takeaways:

  1. You should always bring three solutions to the table per any one problem you have identified.
  2. Ideas are not just one dimensional.
  3. Planning is so important. You may come up with the perfect plan, but things don’t always go as you had imagined. Things will find a way of working out in the end – often times it turn out better than you had imagined.
  4. Listen to your clients, figure out what they want, and spend their money like its your own.

Samantha Chadwick is a public relations major and journalism minor in her junior year. She serves as an editorial assistant for the award-winning Yellow Jacket student newspaper and will be taking over as Associate Editor in the fall 2017. She is also an active member of Waynesburg PRSSA.


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