PR Week – #BridgeTheGap: Creative Video Marketing and Advertising Session Recap

Session: Creative Video Marketing and Advertising

Presenter: Tim Long, Production Manager of Em Media

Recap: During this session, Tim Long spoke to students about marketing and advertising through videos that keep the audience engaged. He encouraged students to consider using video content to tell stories, and gave tips on how to create content that will stand out.

Key takeaways:

  1. Good visuals to accompany messages on social media are important. They create complete attention and engagement from the audience and keep them from scrolling past the message.
  2. High production value creates a stronger brand image, and can potentially polish that brand image.
  3. Video Marketing allows for a direct conversation with the target audience. Creating a way to visually tell your story can captivate them.
  4. Creativity is endless with video. Using visual stories can separate you/your brand from competitors.
  5. YouTube is one of the best resources, as it has more than one billion users and is a platform to reach the next generation of consumers.



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