A Final Farewell from the Outgoing PR Director

As of June 1, the Waynesburg University Public Relations Student Society of America Chapter will have a new Executive Board – an Executive Board, that for the first time in years, I will not be a part of. Though I am saddened by this, I cannot wait to see everything the incoming Executive Board has to offer.

As your term begins, I want you to know that I respect and thank you for your decision to serve as Chapter leaders, in this organization that has positively affected me for years. I also want you to know that I will always be here if you need me; whether it is questions, advice or you just need a pep talk, I am only a call, text or coffee date away.

Though there are challenges that will come with your leadership, there will also be triumphs. Here is a list of things I wish that I knew when I first took on a Chapter Executive Board role, as well as things I want to share with you.

1. You will make mistakes – that’s okay.

Mistakes will happen, but you can’t let them define you. Though you are stepping up and representing the Chapter, this is still a learning experience. If something goes wrong, remember that you have eight other “e-board” members to help pick you up. Learn from the experience and grow from it.

2. Your hard work is appreciated.

Though your schedule may seem much more full now that you’re on Executive Board, please understand that every minute you spend working on Chapter projects is appreciated. The other e-board and general body members, the faculty, PRSSA National and future students appreciate your dedication.

3. Treasure your fellow e-board members.

I have developed some of my closest friends through the Chapter, but more specifically through the Executive Board. Learn to work, live and play with these people. They will become your support system, your biggest fans and, hopefully, some of your best friends, too.

4. Don’t be afraid to express your ideas.

Even if this is your first year on Executive Board, do not be afraid to express any new, creative or innovative ideas you may think of. You never know, you may have the next great idea that could elevate the Chapter even more.

5. Be approachable to returning and new members.

During my years as a Waynesburg University PRSSA Executive Board member, I really strived to make myself as accessible and approachable to underclassmen and general body members as possible. I made sure to assist them with whatever advice or resources they may have needed. Be sure to pass that on, and make new members feel as welcome and included as you did.

As I finish my last blog piece as the Waynesburg University PRSSA Public Relations Director, and I hand over the responsibilities to my well-prepared, creative and amazing successor, I just want to reiterate the power of a PRSSA membership and Executive Board role. As each of you prepare to take on your new roles, I wish you the best and cannot wait to see big things from you. I will always be cheering for you.

Natalie Gloady is a recent graduate, and soon-to-be graduate student, at Waynesburg University. She currently serves as the Public Relations Director for the Waynesburg University PRSSA Chapter, and will be the 2017-2018 PRSSA National Publications Editor in Chief. Follow her on Twitter or connect with her on LinkedIn.


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