Farewell from the Firm Director

This will most likely be my last blog post for the Waynesburg University Public Relations Student Society of America Chapter. If I’m being honest, I thought this day was still far away. Now, here I am, 12 days away from graduation, writing this.

I don’t remember writing my first blog post, or what it was about, but I remember being extremely nervous that people wouldn’t like my writing, or that I would do it wrong. Thinking back to that scared freshman, sitting in her underclassmen dorm, anxiously analyzing every word choice of her first-ever blog post, I’d like to think I’ve come a long way. And that, is thanks in part, to Waynesburg University PRSSA.

Looking back over the past four years, and the experiences that have come with them, a lot of what sticks out in my memory are things associated with Waynesburg University PRSSA. Coming into college, I had no idea what public relations was. I knew that I liked storytelling and writing, and I knew that I liked the idea of being part of the media industry. Picking a public relations major seemed to be a good marriage of the two. I immediately became involved with the Chapter, and my definition of what public relations is was immeasurably expanded.

Through the Chapter, and student-run firm, Red Brick Communications, I found a passion for nonprofits, for telling stories that may not normally be told. Through the Chapter, I had the amazing opportunity to travel – another passion of mine. Through the Chapter, I’ve become a better writer and expanded my skill set. Through the Chapter, I found some of my greatest friends.

So, to the underclassmen reading this, if you haven’t guessed it already, here is my parting advice: get involved. For me, it made sense to join an organization that supported what I wanted out of a career after graduation. While I recommend this, it may not be the same for you. Get involved with something that helps you further your passion, that constantly challenges you and engages you, that helps you create relationships with people that share similar interests and minds. When you’re a senior, close to graduation and feeling nostalgic about your last four years, you’ll be happy you did.

Four years really isn’t that long. On your first day of college, you didn’t picture yourself writing your final blog post for an organization you were only vaguely aware of. But it comes quickly, and I encourage you all to get involved and make the most of it.

Gabrielle Coy is a senior public relations major pursuing minors in both journalism and digital design. She serves as the Vice President for The Waynesburg University Public Relations Student Society of America Chapter as well as Firm Director for Red Brick Communications, Waynesburg’s student-run firm. Follow her on Twitter and connect with her on LinkedIn.


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